Pay Display apps

Clover offers three apps that can be called by semi-integrators using a Remote Pay SDK. The choice of app depends on the customer-facing Clover device, the environment where the POS will be used, and the chosen SDK.

Cloud Pay Display

Cloud Pay Display is a pay display app for Clover Flex, Clover Mini, and Clover Mobile that can be used with the Remote Pay Cloud SDK. Clover maintains a cloud service for establishing a WebSocket Secure connection between your application and the Clover device. Business environments that demand payment terminal portability, such as shops without sales counters, benefit from the features of Cloud Pay Display.

Integrators must use OAuth tokens to connect to the Clover device using this app. See Using OAuth 2.0 for more information.

Cloud Pay Display in action

Virtual Keypad is an example of a Clover-developed Cloud Pay Display app. As a web app, Virtual Keypad simulates and replaces the look, feel, and functionality of the Merchant Keypad hardware device. Merchants can connect to Virtual Keypad for a single payment or all day long.

Here's how Virtual Keypad works:

  • The merchant selects Virtual Keypad from their Merchant Dashboard view, and selects their device (Clover Flex, Clover Mini, or Clover Mobile).
  • On the Virtual Keypad web page, the merchant enters the amount for the customer to pay.
  • The Clover device presents the customer with the available card present payment options.

Secure Network Pay Display

Secure Network Pay Display (SNPD) is a pay display app for Clover Flex, Clover Mini, and Clover Mobile. Your POS can connect directly to SNPD over a local network (LAN) without requiring an OAuth token.

SNPD uses the Clover Device Server app that your POS can connect to via WebSocket Secure (wss://). This connection requires your POS to trust the Clover certificate authority (CA) that has issued the Clover Device Server certificate. See Configuring Secure Network Pay Display for more information.

USB Pay Display

USB Pay Display is a pay display app for Clover Mini and can be used with the Remote Pay Android and Windows SDKs. Use of this app requires a physical connection between the POS and Clover device, so it is best for environments where the hardware is in a fixed location.

For Windows POS systems, the required Clover USB drivers can be found on the Remote Pay Windows releases page. Click to expand the Assets menu, and download This package includes both 32- and 64-bit installers for the drivers.

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