New app metrics on your dashboard

For the past few months, we've been working hard to bring exciting new experiences for you through our Developer Dashboard. We've introduced metrics that give you visibility into your merchant app installs and revenue earned over a period of time.

Drill down into your app install metrics

Want to know how many merchants have installed your app in the past 12 months? App installs give you an overview of your app performance, including trends and details such as installs by tier, device, and country.

Understand your revenue metrics

With paid subscription tiers on your app, you can view metrics for your account's performance and merchant billing in your statements. See revenue for the last 12 months and which apps are performing best. View the revenue metrics displayed on the Dashboard home.

View your monthly install and uninstall performance**

See how installs break down: across tiers, countries, and devices

View which tiers and apps generate revenue month-over-month

Use one of the following links:

Learn more about using the metrics in our documentation. Stay up-to-date on our new features using our What's New page.

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