Netherlands merchants


Merchant configurations

The Clover platform provides features to support merchants and developers in the Netherlands. Merchants are configured to process payments in Euros (EUR). The transaction gateway supports a wide range of payment functions, but a specific merchant may be limited to a subset of functions.

ICloverConnector method support

Some of the SDKICloverConnector methods function differently in this region to conform with European Union (EU) laws and regulations.

Pre-authsNot supported. Transaction method: preAuth()

Payment integrations

The following Clover Flex and Mini integrations are supported in the Netherlands.

  • Payment Connector
  • Cloud Pay Display
  • Secure Network Pay Display
  • USB Pay Display

Merchant plans

  • Payments Plus
  • Register Lite
  • Register

App billing

Merchants cannot be billed for apps through the Clover App Market.