Updating Multi-Lingual support

Current version of the Clover Payments Extension supports US English, Canadian English, and Canadian French. You can change the default supported location to Canadian French:

  1. Log in to Adobe Commerce with your merchant admin account.
  2. In the Configuration page of your app, click Stores > Configuration > General > Locale Options.
  3. In the Locale field, select "French (Canada)."

The shopping cart view displays the new locale. All custom error messages implemented by the plugin display in Canadian French, for example:

Hover over any ellipses icon to view the error message in the shopping cart as a pop-up message.

  1. In the top-right menu, select Account settings. My Account page appears.
  2. In the Interface Locale field, select "French (Canada)."

The following image displays the Configuration > Store view after you change the settings to French (Canada).



See Clover iframe integrations for more information on Clover's iframe.

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