Build apps for merchant needs: examples

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Clover merchants: by type of business

Type of businessDescription
AccountingMerchants process payroll weekly or bi-weekly, pay quarterly taxes, and balance expenses. Business owners may complete these tasks or work with a bookkeeper or accountant.
Inventory ManagementMerchants must add new and seasonal items to inventory, update prices, keep track of what's in stock, be notified of things to be ordered, and easily re-stock items.
MenuRestaurant owners create and update their menus, add seasonal appetizers and entrees, and set prices for regular items and specials.
SalesMerchants and their employees spend time with customers to determine what they like and need. Merchants must also attract new and repeat customers more frequently with discounts and specials to increase sales.
Social MediaSocial media is an important marketing tool. Therefore, many merchants post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media about specials, events, and other news. They also respond to social media reviews and check-ins.
Employee ManagementOne of the most essential activities for business owners is to recruit, hire, and train new employees, in addition to tracking employee performance.
Cash FlowMerchants monitor their cash flow to pay vendors and follow up on accounts receivable.
Customer ServiceGood customer service is a top priority. This includes recognizing and rewarding loyal customers and handling special orders and requests.
MarketingMerchants get the word out about their business via advertising and social media. In addition, business owners network and interact with the local community.

Here are a few examples of the different kinds of apps that our merchants need to manage their day-to-day work.

Example: Quick service restaurants

Payment typeRestaurant type
Order and pay at the counter- Café
- Sandwich shop/Deli
- Take-out pizza
- Dive bar
- Food truck
- Full service restaurants
Order and pay at the table- Diner
- Fine dining
- Sports bar
- Sit-down pizzeria

Apps for Quick Service Restaurants

App typeFunction
Bar tab appTallies orders.
Drink recipe appAllows servers or customers to create a drink recipe.
ID verificationSwipe and confirm that an identification (ID) is valid.
Menu with photosVisual identification of items
Order ahead appCustomized ordering before arriving at the restaurant.
Recipe-based inventoryTrack inventory based on the components that make up a menu item.
Table mappingVisual representation of restaurant floor plan.
Tip out percentageCalculate tip distribution.
Two-touch (fast pay)Bars or clubs want to complete a transaction in two touches, for example: Step 1. Martin; Step 2. $15 cash.

Photograph of a quick service restaurant with wooden decor

Example: Retailers

Retail store types
Jewelry storeConvenience storePro shop
Clothing boutiqueGame storeLiquor store
Toy storeFurnishingsShoe store
Gift items storeMusical instrumentsSporting goods
Auto partsBike storeComputer accessories

Apps for retailers

App typeFunction
Stock inventory appAverage cost per unit for all inventory stock.
Consignment trackingTrack information about the consigner and commission for each item.
Layaway managementTrack items on layaway, the amount paid, and the remaining balance.
Lottery payoutAbility to give customers lottery winnings and be reimbursed by the lottery organization.
Purchase order managementReal-time visibility in procurement activities.
Rent-to-purchase, such as musical instrumentsTrack payments and remaining balance.
Sales appTrack commission-based sales.

Photograph of the front desk of a services place

Example: Services

Service categories
HairstylistChiropractorAuto repair
Boxing gymCateringPlumbing repair
Dental/Medical officeNail salonGym and personal trainer
Music schoolBowling alleyMotel
Adventure sportsDriving school

Apps for services

App typeFunction
Daycare sign-in appParents sign the child in/out with a secure PIN.
Invoicing appInvoicing for a recurring membership.
Membership trackingManage and track members' loyalty points, appointments, feedback, and more.
Membership scanningBarcode scanning for registered and invited members, for example: in a bowling alley.
Rental managementTracking what items are in and out, who has it, how long, and charges (flat or percentage; late).
Repair order trackingTrack parts, labor, and payments assigned to employees/customers.

Photograph of a shop of unique curated items