Navigating merchants to apps

Clover web apps are built using the Clover REST API and hosted by the developer. Merchants install approved web apps from the Clover App Market. Once a merchant installs an app, they can access the app from the sandbox Merchant Dashboard.



You build and test your apps in the sandbox environment. Your apps are published in the production environment. The Merchant Dashboard in production is

Setting redirects for merchants

Clover redirects merchants to the Site URL value (under App Settings > REST Configuration) specified on the sandbox Merchant Dashboard whenever they:

As part of this process, Clover appends certain URL parameters, including mId of the business and employee_id of the current user. To view a full list of query parameters included in these redirects, see Using OAuth 2.0.

Merchant IDs & employee IDs

You can use the merchant ID (mId) and employee_id (or empId) to determine if the merchant has ever used your app before and provide a friendly setup experience.

The merchant ID is an ID assigned by Clover to a merchant business. The business may have multiple devices and employees. The owner of the business (along with managers and employees) each have an empId associated with their account.

To find your test merchant ID:

  1. On the sandbox Developer Dashboard, select a test merchant from the header menu.

  2. On the sandbox Merchant Dashboard that appears, select Setup > Merchants. Your test merchant ID is the thirteen-character sequence of numbers and letters directly below the merchant name in the Merchant column.

When looking at an OAuth response, keep in mind that you have access to the following information:

  • The empId of the current user
  • The mId of the business



Use the mId when making REST API calls.

Authenticating merchants and users

If users navigate directly to your web app (rather than launching it from the sandbox Merchant Dashboard), redirect them to Clover for authentication. For more information, see Using OAuth 2.0.

Installing your test app

To install your app on a test merchant account:

  1. On the sandbox Developer Dashboard, click Market Listing on the side-nav for your app.
  2. On the Market Listing page, click PREVIEW IN APP MARKET. You are redirected to the Merchant Dashboard for your test merchant account with an App Market preview of your app.
  3. Click Connect. When you accept the installation, the app is installed for your test merchant account on the Merchant Dashboard. You can access the app from the side-nav of the Merchant Dashboard.