Manage Android app releases

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On the App Releases page on the side-nav, you can upload and manage APK versions for your Android apps. For an uploaded APK, you can keep track of the APK version that is published as the default version and add release notes.

You can also add approved APKs to release groups if you want to first test your app with a small group of merchants before publishing it on App Market. When an APK is published, it is made the default APK version which is made available to all merchants. See Working with APKs to learn more.

If your APK has changes that can cause install issues with certain merchants, we recommend that you privately send the link to a group of merchants who can test your app for you. Then add them to a group of merchants using release groups. Publish your app only after you're certain the APK has no issues.

After you have uploaded an APK, the following fields are available on the App Releases modal:

  • ANDROID PACKAGE NAME: The package name for your Android app
  • LATEST VERSION: The most recently uploaded version of your APK
  • PUBLISHED VERSION: The version of your APK that is published on the Clover App Market
  • Supported Devices: List of Clover devices supported by the app. You can set or modify this value. Any changes made are reflected on the App Type values set on the App Settings modal.


After you upload an APK, the following information is available in the Releases table:

  • Status: After you submit your app for approval, this column updates to the current approval status of your APK.
  • Release Group: After your APK is approved, you can set up Release Groups to group merchants for different subscription tiers, stagger rollouts, app pilot programs, or A/B testing features across two or more groups of merchants.
  • Installs: This column highlights the number of merchant accounts that have the APK installed on their Clover devices.
  • Actions: You can download your APK and also add or edit release notes for the APK version. In addition, depending on the APK status, you can perform additional actions from the overflow menu.

Additional actions based on APK status

Based on the APK status, you can perform additional actions from the overflow menu:

APK statusExplanationAllowed actions based on status
Not submittedNot submitted for approvalSubmit the APK for approval. The APK status changes from Not Submitted to Pending Approval.
Pending ApprovalSubmitted for approval but not approvedYou can withdraw the APK from the approval process. The APK status changes from Pending Approval back to Not Submitted.
Pending SigningApproved but not signed with the certificates that allow it to be installed on Clover devicesWait for the APK to be approved.
ApprovedApproved and signed- Add the app to a release group.

- Publish the APK to the Clover App Market. The APK status changes from Approved to Published.

IMPORTANT: Publishing an APK makes the app available to ALL merchants.
PublishedMade available to ALL merchantsYou can unpublish the app from the Clover App Market. The APK status changes from Published back to Approved.

NOTE: You can't unpublish an APK that has the Default status.
Published DefaultGiven to new merchants when they install the app for the first time
Automatically set as the default version
Pushed to all merchants the next time their device is rebooted
See Default APK for more information.



Be aware that when you publish your APK, you are making it available to ALL merchants even if the APK is part of a Release Group.

Default APK

After you have published an APK, you can make updates and submit the updated version for approval. You can then use the option to Set as distribution default to instantly distribute this APK to all merchants not already in the release group. The APK with the Published Default status is the most recent version that you published to the Clover App Market. This APK version can't be unpublished until you set a different APK as default.