Ecommerce (US and Canada only) - Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) Clover Payments plugin

United States


The Clover Payments extension for Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento 2) allows merchants, in the US and Canada regions, to securely:

  • Collect payment card data on their Adobe Commerce-powered websites, and
  • Process payments using their Clover merchant account.
    The plugin is free for merchants and the transactions are charged according to the merchant’s Clover account agreement.

How it works

This Clover Payments extension uses an iframe to collect card information. An associated JavaScript directly communicates with Clover servers to tokenize the card details. Clover iframe-based tokenizer is updated as current with any future API changes, so your app requires less maintenance.

PCI compliance

Card details for each processed payment are not saved on either Adobe Commerce or the merchant's server. The Clover Payments extension does not contribute to the payment card industry (PCI) compliance scope of your Adobe Commerce shopping cart integration.


  • Authorize only
  • Capture
  • Charge (Authorize and Capture)
  • Refund
  • Void
  • PCI-compliance through iframe
  • Multilingual support for Canadian French
  • Sorting payment options on check out page



For more information on Adobe Commerce, formerly known as Magento 2, see Adobe Commerce Developer Guide.