Launch overview

Congratulations! If you are at the launch stage of your app's journey, you have probably completed most of the steps required for launching the app. Use the provided checklists to help your app launch successfully.

Launch checklist

Use the launch checklist to help ensure your app is ready for launch.



Create and fully test your app on the sandbox environment

Learn more about app basics and also creating an app

Create a production developer account

Use the following URLs to create your account:

North America (NA):

European Union (EU):

Latin America (LATAM):

Learn more about developer accounts

Submit your production developer account for approval and receive approval

Refer to Developer account approval

Submit the approval request from your developer Dashboard > Developer Settings > Info tab

Set Up Billing Information

Refer to Billing information approval,
Developer Agreement,
Handling app billing

Submit Legal Documents

Refer to Production developer accounts step 8

Test your app on the production environment

Clover reviews apps for functionality and usability. Review the app requirements for Android and REST API.

Submit your app for approval

Refer to App approval

Post-launch checklist

Use the post-launch checklist to help ensure your published apps succeed.



Manage your apps:

  • settings
  • approvals
  • installs
  • performance
  • billing details

Refer to Managing your apps,
Managing app settings,
Reviewing app installs,
Using ratings and reviews

Help your merchants succeed
in using your app

Set up help resources

Showcase your apps

Help your app succeed in the App Market        

Manage your developer account

Refer to Managing your developer account

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