The maintenance phase starts once your app is approved and in production use with Clover merchants.

Platform updates

Clover engineers will monitor changes to the platform that may impact your application. You will receive updates regarding API changes and deprecations, new versions of the SDK, and platform maintenance periods at the email address associated with your Clover developer account. Make sure emails from [email protected] are not directed to a junk or spam folder.

Production issues and troubleshooting

If there is an issue with the application once it is in production use and a Clover change might be the cause, you can post a question on the Clover community site or email [email protected]. A Clover engineer will review the report and, if needed, help you troubleshoot. If the cause requires a code change in a Clover SDK or device application, the engineer will inform you when the fix is complete and if you need to update your application code.

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