Step 5: Maintenance

United States
Latin America

The maintenance phase starts once your app is approved and in production for use with Clover merchants.

Request support and find information

You can request support and find information in a number of ways:

Support areaDescription
Ask development questionsPost questions to the semi-integration space on the Clover Community
Ask questions about testing and validationsPost questions to the semi-integration space on the Clover Community.
Email us at [email protected]
Inform Clover about major changes to your integrationsEmail us at [email protected]
Stay up-to-date with changes to the Clover SDKs- Check our Announcements page
- Watch our GitHub repositories
- Optional; Send in your POS equipment
Stay up-to-date with platform updatesClover engineers monitor changes to the platform that may impact your application. You receive updates regarding API changes and deprecations, new versions of the SDK, and platform maintenance periods at the email address associated with your Clover developer account.

Make sure emails from [email protected] are not directed to a junk or spam folder.
Troubleshoot integration issueSend the following to Clover developer support team:
- One or more engineering-ready devices with relevant account information
- One production-ready device with relevant account information
- Login credentials for all relevant user groups, such as admins and employees, including all relevant passcodes
- Documentation on how to configure your device
- Login credentials for the Admin portal, if relevant
Production issuesPost a question on the Clover Community.
Email us at [email protected]

A Clover engineer reviews the report and, if needed, helps you troubleshoot. If the cause requires a code change in a Clover SDK or device application, the engineer informs you when the fix is complete and if you need to update your application code.
Support for your merchantsEvery point of sale (POS) is unique; there may be issues our developer support team cannot solve for your merchants. For the US region, log in to Clover Help to troubleshoot issues with Clover hardware and the Clover payments processing platform.
Contact for information on REST Pay Display API or the Clover partner programContact a specialist.