During the development phase, you will integrate your POS app with Clover using the SDK and pay display app discussed during the discovery call.

Account setup

If you do not have Clover developer accounts, you must create one for both the sandbox and production environments using the developer dashboards:

The sandbox account allows you to create a test merchant to use while developing your application, and the production account will be used to manage your published app in the live environment. See Developer Accounts for more information.

Because a positive overall merchant and customer experience is the goal of all integrations, it is recommended that you order a Developer Kit for the Clover device to be used with your integration:

Developer support

Clover wants all integration projects to go as smoothly as possible. If you encounter an issue with an SDK or have a question about your integration, email [email protected]. Your email will be added to a ticketed queue; a support engineer will review and then assist with your question.

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