Installing Payment Extension


The following list describes the minimum software requirements to install WooCommerce:



For more information on installing WooCommerce, refer to WooCommerce documentation.


Perform the following steps to Install "Clover Payments for WooCommerce" plugin:

  1. Install this WooCommerce plugin, go to Wordpress Plugin and search for "Clover Payments" or "Clover Payments for WooCommerce.”
  2. Go to "Clover Payments for WooCommerce" and click Activate.
  1. Go to WooCommerce > Plugin Settings > Payments > Clover Payments and slide to enable the Enabled option.
  1. Set the Clover Payments plugin environment. Clover allows users to test their integrations against their sandbox accounts prior to going production. Select Production in Environment when you want to send transactions to your production environment.
  1. Set the Clover Payments plugin keys. See Setting up an API token for more information.
  2. Set the Payment Action for the Clover payments plugin. Save your changes.
    After you are done, the active payment methods is visible in the checkout of your website.

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