Getting customer confirmation

If a merchant requires the customer to acknowledge a question before completing a transaction, use the /v1/device/read-confirmation.



If you need the customer to input data in response to a question, use the /v1/device/read-input endpoint.


  • The POS is connected to the device using a network or cloud connection
  • The Clover device is in an idle state (that is, no payment is being taken)

Getting customer confirmation

If your question can be answered by the customer with a yes/no response, complete the following steps to use the device to ask a question.

  1. Construct a request with text set to your question. If wanted, you can also customize the acceptText and rejectText.
  "text": "Do you want to donate to the fundraiser?",
  "acceptText": "Yes, please",
  "rejectText": "No thanks"
  1. Send a POST request to the /v1/device/read-confirmation endpoint. Be sure to include the required headers for the request you are making.

The message is shown on the device. When the customer taps the button corresponding to Accept or Reject, a message is returned. If the customer accepts, response is returned as true. If the customer rejects, the response value is false.

  "response": true

See Showing the welcome screen for instructions on displaying the default idle screen, or take the action that is appropriate for your situation.

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