Get a customer's card data

United States

Your app may need to read and then use the data on a customer's card. To read a card, use the /v1/card/read endpoint.



Some data, like the track 1 and 2 information, is encrypted for PCI compliance. This endpoint returns only non-sensitive information like the customer's name and the card's expiration date.


  • POS is connected to the device using a network or cloud connection.
  • Clover device is idle; that is, no payment is being taken.


To read a card with the Clover device:

  1. Send an empty POST request to the /v1/card/read endpoint.
  2. Required. Include the required headers for your request.
    The customer is asked to present their card. After the card is read, a success message appears.
  1. To return to the welcome screen, send a POST request to the /v1/device/welcome endpoint.