German/Austrian merchants

The Clover platform provides the following features to support merchants and developers for the German and Austrian markets.

Merchant configurations for Germany and Austria

Merchants are configured to process payments either in Euros (EUR).



The transaction gateway supports a wide range of payment functions, but a specific merchant may be limited to a subset of functions.

ICloverConnector Method Support

Some of the the SDK's ICloverConnector methods operate differently in this region to conform with EU laws and regulations.


The preAuth() transaction method is not supported for German or Austrian merchants.

Payment integrations

The following Clover Flex and Mini integrations are supported in the German and Austrian markets.

  • Cloud Pay Display
  • Secure Network Pay Display
  • USB Pay Display
  • ZVT ECR Pay Display
  • Payment Connector

Merchant plans

  • Payments Plus
  • Register Lite
  • Register

App Billing

Merchants cannot be billed for apps through the App Market.