Generate a signed APK

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Clover apps require that you sign the Android application package (APK) using only the v1 (JAR-based) signing scheme. If your build tools support the v2, v3, or v4 signing schemes, ensure that these versions are disabled. For more information about this restriction, see Android 10 ROM—Notes for Clover Developers.

Generate a signed APK

To generate a signed APK for the Clover App Market, use an Android-approved tool, such as apksignerwith the --v1-signer-name parameter or Gradle. The --v1-signer-name parameter saves the signature file with a name you designate. Without a designated name, the signature file name defaults to use the key name.

Third-party vendor documentation

The following reference links of third-party vendor documentation are subject to change without notice.

Clover example of apksigner

The following example shows how to use the apksigner to enable the v1 signing scheme, deactivate the v2 and v3 signing schemes, and save the signature file with a name you designate.

Note: This example is for illustration purposes only and was generated using Android Build Tools version 30.0.3. When new versions of Android Build tools are released that support additional signatures, they need to be excluded.

See the Android developers apksigner documentation for more information.

$ apksigner sign --ks test-release.jks --v1-signing-enabled=true --v2-signing-enabled=false --v3-signing-enabled=false --v1-signer-name yourname/build/outputs/apk/release/app-release-unsigned.apk