Receive Developer Kits at non-US addresses

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Clover Developer Kits (Dev Kits) are available through our regional resellers and partners. However, if you want a Dev Kit package shipped directly from Clover to your address outside the United States (US), you can use the services of an international freight forwarder.

Workflow on how to receive Dev Kit packages at non-US addresses through a freight forwarder

Workflow on how to receive Dev Kit packages at non-US addresses through a freight forwarder

Order and receive Dev Kits at non-US addresses

  1. Sign up with a freight forwarder, such as Stackry, Vyking Ship, or MyUs.
  2. Register your address outside the United States (non-US address) with the freight forwarder to receive the Clover Developer Kit (Dev Kit) package.
  3. Get a US shipping address from the freight forwarder. You need to provide this address when ordering Dev Kits on Clover Developer Kits.
  4. Add one or more Dev Kits to your cart on Clover Developer Kits and check out.
  5. Enter the US shipping address provided by your freight forwarder in the shipping details.
  6. Complete the payment, verify your email address, submit your order, and make a note of the order number from Clover for reference and tracking. Once the order is successfully placed:
  • Clover fulfills the order to your US freight-forwarding address.
  • Freight forwarder receives the Dev Kit package and ships it to your registered non-US address.
  1. Track your package using the freight forwarder's tracking details until you receive the Dev Kit package.

Frequently asked questions

Dev Kit shipment

  • Questions related to the shipment of your Clover Dev Kit package to the freight forwarder—contact [email protected] with your order number.
  • Questions after the freight forwarder receives your Clover Dev Kit package—contact the freight forwarder with the order tracking details.



Clover is not responsible for the process of your freight forwarder after they receive the Dev Kit order package from Clover.

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