Create production developer accounts

United States
Latin America

You must have an approved production developer account before Clover can approve your apps. Create a separate production developer account for each country or region where you want to create apps. The Clover team reviews and approves each developer account you create in a production environment.

Before you begin

Choose your region:

Create a production developer account

Latin America
  1. Select a production environment based on your merchant's location:
  1. On the Create your Developer account window, enter your email address.
  2. Click Create Account. A message appears.
  3. Go to your email account, and in the confirmation email from Clover, click Set a password. The Set your Password pop-up appears.
  4. Create a strong password, and click Continue. The Welcome to Clover! pop-up appears.
  5. In the Full Name field, enter identification information for your production developer account, and click Continue. The Name your Developer Account page appears.
  6. In the Public Developer Name field, enter either your developer name or company name to display in the Clover App Market, and click Continue. The Create your Test Merchant page appears.
  7. Enter information to create your first test merchant.
  8. Set up two-factor authentication to protect merchants and their data.
  9. Click Go to dashboard. The production Developer Dashboard appears.

From here, you can:

  1. Complete and submit your developer account settings for approval. You need to submit your account settings for approval before you can publish apps.
  2. Update settings for the first test merchant or create additional test merchants.
  3. Create an app.