Production developer accounts

United States
Latin America

You must have an approved production developer account before Clover can approve your apps. Create a separate production developer account for each country or region in which you want to create apps. The Clover App Market team reviews and approves each developer account you create on a production environment.



Be sure to test your app on sandbox until it is ready for production. You can also set up your Dev Kits to use sandbox for testing.

Create a production developer account



We highly recommend you secure your account with two-factor authentication if you process credit cards to protect merchants and their data.

To create an account:

  1. Select the production environment, depending on your merchant's location:
  2. On the Create your Developer account window, type your email address and click Create Account.
  3. In the confirmation email you receive, follow the instructions to verify your email address. You are redirected to the Developer Dashboard to complete your account information.
  4. Create your account password, then click Continue.
  5. Fill in the following information about your account:
    • Full Name: Your identification information in the production environment
    • Public Developer Name: Either your developer name or company name. The developer name is displayed to users when viewing your app on the Clover App Market.
    • Create your first test merchant: You can edit this information at a later point and also create more test merchants in the Developer Dashboard.
  6. Submit your developer account for approval.
  7. Select the Dashboard > Developer Settings > Info tab.
    • If you are a corporation, be sure to select A company under account and enter a valid Tax ID/EIN.
    • For the Identity Verification section, enter a valid residential address for identity verification purposes (no P.O. boxes).
    • To minimize delays, be sure all information is complete and accurate.
  8. Set up billing information.
    After your Clover Developer Account is approved, you can update your Billing information. All app fees, payment from the merchant for use of your app, and merchant-customer payment processing must be implemented within Clover and/or Fiserv. Refer to the Developer Agreement for details.
  9. Submit legal documents.



Ensure your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are NOT generic versions. Generic versions of such legal disclaimers commonly reference that an app is for personal use on a single device, and other billing-related language that does not apply to Clover.

  1. Under your Dashboard > Developer Settings, you can also perform the following actions:
    On the Members, Roles, and Permissions tabs, you can:
  • Members: On the Members page, you can add and manage additional member accounts for your OWNER developer account.
  • Roles: On the Roles page, you can add and manage roles for added members accounts. See developer account roles.
  • Permissions: On the Permissions page, you can view and manage permissions associated with each role.