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Image assets

Note the following mandatory requirements for your app launcher icons:

  • Must be mipmap resources.
  • Must conform to standard Android sizes:
    • Clover Station - 48 × 48 (mdpi)
    • Clover Mini/Mobile - 72 × 72 (hdpi)
    • Clover Mini/Mobile (first three apps) - 192 × 192 (xxxhdpi)
  • Use third-party icon generators to resize your logo.

Graphic design

  • Be aware of the screen dimensions of all of the Clover Devices you plan to support, and design with these dimensions in mind.
  • Aim for a consistent cross-device experience. A single merchant may have any or all of the Clover devices.
  • Use pleasing and professional customer-facing interfaces. If your app includes a customer-facing component, your design will reflect on the business using your app.


  • Strive for clear, easy to use, and robust workflows that involve as few steps as possible because your app will be used under fast-paced working conditions.
  • Emphasize clarity and accessibility in the app design. Use high-contrast, readable fonts, as well as large text and inputs.
  • If you're adapting an app that was developed for another platform, make sure it only includes features and buttons that are relevant to the Clover user.
  • See Google's Material Design guidelines for a good place to start.