Create a hosted checkout session

United States

To start a hosted checkout experience in your app, request a new session by sending a POST request to the Create checkout endpoint.

  1. Construct a CreateCheckoutRequest with the following required information:
    • customer.firstName
    • customer.lastName
    • customer.phoneNumber
    • shoppingCart
  2. Set the required X-Clover-Merchant-Id header with the value of the merchant UUID (mId).
  3. Set the Authorization header with a valid OAuth token.
  4. Send the POST request to {baseUrl}/invoicingcheckoutservice/v1/checkouts.

The response includes the following elements:

  • href - A URL for the checkout session
  • checkoutSessionId - A unique session identifier
  • createdTime - Time the session was created (in Unix time)
  • expirationTime - Time when the checkout session will expire (in Unix time)

If you have configured webhooks, one is sent when the customer finishes checkout.

Checkout session timeout

Hosted checkout sessions are intended to be short-lived. Session tokens expire 15 minutes after creation.