Core Payments app upgrade reminder

By October 31, 2023, Clover will upgrade all Gen 2 (Clover Mini 2 and Flex 2) and Clover Station Duo 1 devices to the Core Payments app. This manages the card reading functions of our devices. The upgrade should be transparent to our integrators and merchants; however, they will notice improvements in the user interface look and feel. If you haven’t tested your app’s payment functions on Gen 2 or Station Duo 1 devices, you need to take action to ensure a smooth transition.

Action needed before October 31, 2023

If you have an app with payment functions that can run on a Gen 2 or Station Duo 1 device, and you have not yet tested your app in sandbox, take the following actions:

  • Complete and submit the Gen 2 or Station Duo 1 form so that we can enable your test merchant in the sandbox environment.
  • After your test merchant is enabled, fully test your app’s payment functions in the sandbox environment.

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions or issues when testing your apps.