Configuring the Clover Payment Extension

To configure the Clover Payments Extension for WooCommerce.

  1. Log in to WooCommerce with your merchant admin account.
  2. Click (need this). The Configuration page appears.

The Configuration page appears.

The following table describes the payment configuration fields.




Indicates that the Clover Payments Extension appears as an option for customers at checkout.


Title of the Clover payment that appears to customers at checkout.


Environment where the Clover Payments Extension is active (production or sandbox).


Attribute to enable the debug mode for log analysis. Log messages are logged in wp-content/uploads/wc-logs/. The filename will appear something like this: clover_payments-2022-04-27-c9b05b315173749bc3cb266ad98dd4e0.log

Sandbox Merchant ID

Merchant identifier created at Clover as a customer. Unique merchant ID ({mId}) created at Clover for every merchant business.

Sandbox Public Key

This key is required to use the Clover Payments Extension in your Clover sandbox environment. See sandbox API token setup for instructions to obtain the sandbox key.

Sandbox Production Key

This key is required to use the Clover Payment Extension in your Clover production environment. See production API token setup for instructions on how to obtain the API keys for your production key.

Payment action

Indicates how each payment transaction is handled based on the selection, including:

  • Authorize: Ensures that the customer’s card is in good standing and has sufficient funds to cover the purchase. An authorization transaction places a hold on the customer’s funds for the amount of the transaction, for settlement at a later date. You can use Magento’s built-in function to capture an authorization, as described in Capture only.
  • Authorize and Capture: Ensures that authorization and capture take place simultaneously. Capture is the process of claiming the funds that were authorized, that is, initiating the transfer of funds from the customer’s account to your merchant bank account.

Sort Order

Allows setting the display order of the enabled payment methods on the checkout page.



The Adobe Commerce Clover Payments Extension for the current release (1.0.1) is only available in the US and Canada (both English and French).

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