Setting up an API token

Use the following API tokens (public and private keys) instructions to set up either the production or sandbox environment.



The sandbox login credentials are different from your production credentials since it is a completely different Clover environment.

Locating the production API key

  1. Log in to Clover production with your merchant admin account.
  2. In the sidebar menu, click Account & Setup.
  3. In the Ecommerce section, click Ecommerce API tokens.
    The API tokens for the Ecommerce page appears.

Locating the sandbox API key

The API keys for sandbox can be found under the Ecommerce API Tokens selection of the following page,
which is displayed after you log into your sandbox account.

Creating public and private keys (tokens)

  1. Log in to the Clover sandbox with your merchant admin account.
  2. Click the Create New Token button. The Create new token pop-up appears.
  1. Select the Enable online card payments checkbox.
  2. Select the Integration type as "Hosted iFrame + API/SDK".
  1. Click Create Token.
    The API tokens page appears.
  2. Copy the Public and Private Tokens into the Adobe Commerce Configuration page.

The public and private Keys (tokens) that you will need to use when entering the Clover Payment configuration in Adobe Commerce Admin will display on this page.

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