Sandbox server maintenance notification - December 20th, 2021

Clover's sandbox environment is scheduled to upgrade both the Clover server and the Clover system apps on December 20th (evening PST). This update mimics the code loosely scheduled to be released into all production environments near the middle of January, 2022.

Several bug fixes and design updates to the Clover code are expected in this update as we emerge from a holiday downtime. Special attention to the Clover receipts feature may be warranted, since many of the code changes focus on the Clover receipt printing.



Third party developers who print their own receipts are not expected to be impacted by these changes.

Clover is encouraging third party developers to confirm the behavior of their established applications and interactions with the Clover server in the sandbox environment prior to the code being released to production. Many other changes including online ordering, report generation, app market, Ecommerce, and others are also addressed in this release.