Functional review playbook for Clover app approval

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The Clover app approval process includes a functional review of your app for operability, followed by legal and privacy reviews and market listing reviews. You must have an approved developer account before you can submit apps for approval.

Clover app approval process

Clover app approval process

For more information, read the Clover platform blog: Clover App Market: How to Ensure Your App is Approved.

What is app functional review

The functional review is a rigorous and important part of the Clover app approval process. It ensures that your app follows Clover platform rules and is designed to bring a great experience to merchants using the app. Once you submit your app to Clover, the approval status of your app is set to Under Review.

The Clover App Market team:

  • Installs your app to a production test merchant account and reviews it on the supported Clover devices or through the Clover Merchant Dashboard if it is a web app.
  • Reviews the app workflow video and description that you must submit at the time of approval.

What is in the functional review playbook for Clover apps

Clover recommends that you review your app for specific configurations and requirements before submitting it for approval: