Clover Developer Kits (Dev Kits)

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Clover Developer Kits (Dev Kits) are Clover devices with special permissions. You can use Dev Kits to:

  • Simulate transactions in a sandbox environment. See Clover developer environments. The sandbox environment allows you to test apps in preparation for later deployment on the production server.
  • Experience transactions end-to-end from both the merchant and customer perspectives.
  • Run published apps and allow non-root connections with Android Debug Bridge (ADB). See Use Android Debug Bridge over USB or Wi-Fi.

Before you begin

Note the features and best practices to work with Dev Kits

  • Dev Kits are only for use in the sandbox environment.
    • You cannot re-provision your Dev Kit between the sandbox and production environments.
    • You cannot migrate your developer and merchant accounts between the sandbox and production environments.
  • Be careful when using EMV credit cards. Repeatedly inserting an active EMV credit card into an EMV-enabled development device that is pointed to a blackhole payment gateway may cause the credit card to be disabled. This is because of EMV protection against repeated inserts that do not result in actual payments.
  • Review information to understand Clover device features, configuration, regional availability, and more:

Set up devices and Dev Kits

For information on setting up specific Clover devices and Dev Kits, see Quick Start Guides on Clover Help - Set up your Clover Device. These guides can help you understand how to set up your Dev Kits for the Clover device models of Station, Mini, and Flex.



  • Clover Flex Dev Kit includes a hub with ports for power, USB type B, and Ethernet to aid in development and testing. This hub replaces the charging cradle shipped with merchant devices.
  • Clover Go Dev Kit does not need to be associated with a merchant account.
  • Station 1—Support for Clover Station 1 ended on January 1, 2022.

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