Clover Code Freeze 2020

It’s almost time for the winter rush! Clover merchants are gearing up for more sales, and Clover Developer Relations is preparing our platform for success and stability during the busy season.

To help merchants during this increase in business activity and customer spending during the holiday season, Clover enacts a code freeze, a period where no new code is deployed on our platform. This freeze also extends to third-party apps built with our APIs and SDKs. This holiday schedule is intended to protect merchants from experiencing disruptions in their processes during a busy and stressful period.

Based on developer feedback, the 2020 holiday schedule will have different guidelines from previous years. There are two major changes:

  • App approvals will continue through the holiday season, with the exception of the periods defined in the following sections.
  • New APKs will be approved at your own risk. Clover support will be reduced due to the code freeze.

Here’s the high-level view of how we’ll be handling apps and APKs during the freeze.


Clover platform

Updates paused November 21st - January 4th

During this time, we will not be updating the Clover APIs, SDKs, or any other platform services.

App approvals

App approvals will continue

Since holiday spending affects a subset of merchant verticals, we will continue with app approvals through the holiday season.

November 21st - November 30th and December 16th - January 4th

We will continue to approve your app as quickly as possible; however, many of our team members will be celebrating the holidays with their families. We appreciate your patience during these weeks as we will be pausing both app and APK approvals.

Critical updates

From December 2nd to December 16th, we will approve new APKs to provide you the opportunity to fix major issues with your app. Submitting an update during this period is done at your own risk.

Keep in mind that Developer Relations may have reduced staff at this and any other point during the freeze. We strongly recommend you do not release any new features until after January 4th when we can provide timely support for your app.

Happy holidays!

Clover Developer Relations