Get started with production environment

United States
Latin America

The Clover platform provides tools for you to design and build apps for Clover merchants. You can create a production developer account in a specific region. With your approved production developer account, you can launch an app for real-time use. For a step-by-step guide, see the app launch checklist—In the production environment.

Step 1: Get approval for your production developer account

While building and testing your app in the sandbox environment, you can submit your production developer account for approval.

  1. Create a developer account based on region:
  1. Submit your developer account for approval and work with the Clover team to get your developer account approved.

Step 2: Create, test, and publish approved apps

Once your developer account is approved, use the production Developer Dashboard for your region.
You can:

  1. Manage your developer account and settings.
  2. Create, test, and submit apps for approval.
  3. Manage the entire lifecycle of your apps—from draft to test and launch on the Clover App Market.
  4. Create a test merchant.
  5. Create a release group, if needed, to test your app on a small group of merchants.
  6. Work through the approval process to publish your app on the Clover App Market.
  7. Communicate with Clover App Market team and track the app approval progress.
  8. Configure pricing tiers.
  9. Gain insights into your app's performance by monitoring installs and revenue.
  10. Collect and use app ratings and reviews from merchants.

For post-app launch steps, see Post-app launch checklist.