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Clover Android SDK v248.4 Release Notes

We have recently released version 248.4 of Clover Android SDK.


Data model changes

  • Order - added externalReferenceId
  • TransactionInfo - added cardEntryType and clientCardType

New features

  • The SDK has been migrated to AndroidX
  • Two methods were added to OrderCalc: getTotalBeforeRefunds and getTaxSummariesBeforeRefunds
  • Your app can perform needed cleanup tasks before it is uninstalled with the APP_PRE_UNINSTALL service intent. See the developer docs for complete information.
  • Using the Platform2 class, you can now check if a Clover device has USB ports with the clover.hardware.usb_device_ports system feature.
  • The /scripts directory now contains a Python script that can be used in place of the App Updater app when setting up an emulator. See Emulator setup in Android Studio for complete instructions.


  • The APP_INSTALL_DONE intent has been changed from a service intent to a broadcast intent. Apps using the APP_INSTALL_DONE intent should be updated to respond to the explicit broadcast as described in Running app tasks on installation


The following samples have been created or updated for v248.4:

  • Added to show usage of the USB port system feature
  • Added example usage of the APP_INSTALL_DONE broadcast intent
  • Added example usage of the APP_PRE_UNINSTALL service intent

clover-android-connector-sdk (Payment Connector)

Data model changes

These changes allow Payment Connector apps to pass an invoice, purchase order, or other external identifier with the transaction request.

  • AuthRequest - added externalReferenceId
  • BaseTransactionRequest - added externalReferenceId
  • ManualRefundRequest - added externalReferenceId
  • PreAuthRequest - added externalReferenceId
  • SaleRequest - added externalReferenceId
  • TransactionRequest - added externalReferenceId

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Clover Android SDK v248.4 Release Notes

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