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Close out all captured (AUTH payments) transactions.



Capture all pre-auths before before sending closeout request.


Before you integrate with the Go SDK, complete the following:

  • Claim your Clover account and log in with your Clover credentials so that you can use the Clover standard OAuth flow for authentication.
  • Create and set up a developer account (including your test merchant settings) and an app in Clover sandbox Developer Dashboard.
  • Create at least one employee user to use within the OAuth flow.
  • Order a Clover Go Card Reader Developer Kit (Dev Kit) and set it up.


Send a closeout request to obtain the CloseOutState response.

For a successful transaction, OnComplete is displayed.

For a failed transaction, OnError is displayed.

Response details

OnCompleteCloseout is successful.
OnErrorCloseout failed with an error

API call

fun closeout(): Flow<CloseoutState>

Code example

lifecycleScope.launch {
    goSdk.closeout().collectLatest { closeoutState ->
        when (closeoutState) {
            is CloseoutState.OnError -> {
                println("Closeout failed: ${closeoutState.error}")
            is CloseoutState.OnComplete -> {
                println("Closeout succeeded: ${closeoutState.response}")
            else -> {
                //Something unexpected happened


To close open transactions, call the closeout function and wait for completion:

do {
   try await CloverPaymentSDK.shared.closeout()
   print("Closeout Completed")
} catch {
   print("Closeout Failed: \(error)")