Capturing an authorized transaction

To capture successfully authorized transactions (invoice generation):

  1. Log in to Adobe Commerce with your merchant admin account.
  2. In the side bar menu, click Sales > Order View. > Information.
    The Order and Account Information appears.
  3. From the top menu, click View > Invoice menu.

The New Invoice page appears.

  1. Verify order details.
  2. Click Submit Invoice.

A success message appears.

  1. Click Transactions > Payments.
  2. Check the Transaction Type displays as "Capture."
  1. In the sidebar menu, select Sales > Order View > Invoices.
  2. Confirm that the captured data status is "Paid".
  1. Log in to the Clover website and click Orders.
  2. In the Status column, confirm the order status displays as "Paid".

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