Process an authorization transaction

United States


Authorize a payment

  1. Log in to the Adobe Commerce Dashboard.
  2. From the left-navigation menu, click Stores > Setting > Configuration. The Configuration page appears.
  3. Click Sales > Payment Methods.
  4. Click Clover Payments Configure.
  5. Enter information in the fields and from the Payment Action drop-down list, select Authorize.
  1. Click Save .
  2. On the merchant’s eCommerce website, select the product to purchase.
  3. Enter the Shipping details, and proceed with checkout.
  4. On the Review & Payments page, in the Payment Method section, select the Pay by card (Clover Payments) option.
  5. Enter card information.
  6. Click Place Order.

The following page displays when the transaction is successfully processed


Verify an order on the Adobe Commerce Dashboard

  1. Log in to the Adobe Commerce dashboard.
  2. From the left navigation menu, click Sales > Operations > Orders. The Orders page appears.
  3. Verify the order details.
  1. For an order, click the View link in the Actions column for an order. The Transactions page appears.
  2. Verify the transaction details, including the transaction type.

Verify order on the Clover Dashboard

To verify that the order and transaction display on the Clover Merchant Dashboard.

  1. Log in to the Clover Merchant Dashboard.
  2. From the left navigation menu, click Transactions > Payments.
  3. In the Created column, verify the status of Auth for the order transaction.