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When you create apps, your Developer Dashboard displays app cards for each app. On each app card, you can view app identification and basic setup details for building and testing apps based on your app type, such as Android, web or semi-integrated, and so on. You can order and use Clover Developer Kits (Dev Kits) to test apps, including transactions, for your test merchants in the sandbox environment. For more information, see Use Clover Developer Kits (Dev Kits).

Use the app card and quick app setup

  1. Log in to the sandbox Developer Dashboard.
  2. In the My Apps section, view individual app cards for your apps.
Developer Dashboard My Apps > View app cards page

Developer Dashboard My Apps > View app cards page

Each app card provides information for:

  • App icon and name—Clover merchants identify your app by its icon and name on the Clover App Market.
  • App UUID—Clover platform assigns a universally unique identifier (UUID) to your app. You use the App UUID in the authentication and authorization process before making Clover REST API calls.
  • App type—Type of app, such as Android, web, semi-integrated, and so on.
  1. Use the Quick App Setup for each app card to perform actions on an app. See Manage app settings for information to:
  • Set the app type
  • Add your website URL
  • Add Webhooks
  • Add app icon
  • Add legal and privacy information
  • Set permissions for the type of merchant data you want to request from Clover.
  • Set pricing tiers only for merchants in the United States, Canada, and Europe.
  1. From the left navigation menu:
  • Use the Pin to Top icon to pin specific apps at the top of your left navigation menu view on the Developer Dashboard.
  • Select an app after the app settings are marked as complete to edit the configured app settings.

Manage additional app settings

After you create an app on the Developer Dashboard, all your app management settings are available from the left navigation pane.

  1. Log in to the sandbox Developer Dashboard.
  2. From the left navigation menu, click an app that displays under Your Apps.
Developer Dashboard left navigation menu

Developer Dashboard left navigation menu

  1. Select to review or edit additional features for different stages of app development and publishing:
  • App Releases—Release a subset of features to merchants based on different business cases. See Manage release groups.
  • Pricing & Distribution—Set up pricing tiers and billing information based on the business needs of your apps. Billing and pricing information is available only in the United States, Canada, and Europe. See Set up pricing tiers and Handle app billing.
  • Market Listing—Set information about your app for Clover merchants to view on the Clover App Market. This market listing information is available to merchants on the app Details page in the Clover App Market. See Set App Market listings.

Manage approved apps

After your app is published on the Clover App Market:

  1. Track the app performance.
  1. See Launch overview to learn about other tasks, you can do after publishing your app.