App design requirements

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Design your apps for use in the fast-paced working conditions at Clover merchant sites.

Follow these steps to ensure that your app design adds value to the merchant experience.

Design Android apps for Clover devices

Merchants have a wide variety of business needs, and Clover devices are designed to support a range of use cases. The devices have different screen dimensions, and a merchant may have one, two, or all Clover devices.

Depending on the devices that your Android app is supported on, ensure that you make considerations for each device:

Clover Station (2018) and Station

Ensure that your app supports both portrait and landscape screen orientations and the content fills the screen in both orientations.

Station Duo (Previously Station Pro)

Ensure that your app is set in the landscape screen orientation and the content fills the screen for both the customer-facing terminal and merchant-facing display.

Clover Mini

Ensure that your app is set in the landscape screen orientation and the content fills the screen.

Clover Flex

Ensure that your app is set in the portrait screen orientation and the content fills the screen.

Messaging functionality requirements

If your app is enabling merchants to send marketing emails or text messages to their customers, ensure the following:


Merchants must be able to see a preview of any messages they are sending to their customers. Also, within reason, merchants must be able to customize these messages.

Opt-in & opt-out preferences

Your app must integrate with and honor the opt-out preferences of merchants and their customers.

Other design requirements

Ensure that your apps are aligned with the following principles:

Ease of use

Easy to use apps are clear, easy to learn and use, and have robust workflows involving as few steps as possible. In addition, possible edge cases are addressed and functions to address them are made available to merchants when necessary.


Apps must use standard Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) guidelines. Key features include enabling talkback, a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1, and icons and images with a descriptive alternative text.


Apps that are action-oriented provide a clear indication of which UI element will take merchants to the next step in their app journey. For instance, for an empty order, if a button like Cancel order is disabled, it will remove any cause for confusion.

Repurpose apps from another platform

If you are repurposing an app that has earlier been built for another platform, ensure that your app contains only those features and associated UI elements that are relevant to Clover merchant use cases.