Announcing Station Duo (Previously Pro) launch in Canada

Clover is excited to announce the launch of Station Duo in Canada in March 2021! This is the most advanced POS device we are introducing to the Canadian market to date. You may know it as Station Pro in other geographic regions. Rest assured that it is the same great device, just with a new name that highlights Station Duo's most distinctive feature—its dual displays. Read to learn more.


Station Duo—customer-facing Terminal in view

The Station Duo includes three components:

  • Station Duo Terminal—A 7" customer-facing Terminal that is similar to the Mini (2nd Gen) and provides all the computing power of the Station Duo setup. The Terminal provides all payment functions (with EMV chip, NFC, and MSR technologies) without the need for a printer, as is not intended to be a standalone device.

  • Station Duo Display—A 14" merchant-facing Display that looks similar to Station 2018. Unlike the setup of the Station 2018 tethered to a Mini, the Station Duo Display is powered by the Station Duo Terminal. The Display is used for all business functions without the need for the swivel functionality.

  • Printer—A standalone printer. Unlike the Station 2018 printer, the Station Duo printer does not require a customer-facing screen or tap-to-pay technologies, as the Terminal handles these functions.

Key highlights

The Station Duo comes with these exciting improvements:

Processor—Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core processor (4 cores up to 1.8GHz and 4 cores up to 2.2GHz)
Memory—2 GB RAM
Storage—16 GB
Operating system—Android 8.x, multi-language support
North America and Europe (C043E)—4G/LTE only
Merchant-Facing Display—14.0" IPS FHD Display
Customer-Facing Display—7.0" IPS HD Display (Gorilla Glass 3 with Anti Fingerprint and Anti-Microbial)

See the device specifications for Station Duo.

Recommendation for developers

Station Duo Dev Kits are available for purchase on If you're located outside the US, you will have to use a freight-forwarding service(doc:developer-kit-faqs) to ship the Dev Kit to you. Dev Kits will be able to ship after Feb 19, 2021.

You can purchase Interac cards for testing on this site.

If your app uses the Payment Connector SDK, you need a Dev Kit to confirm that your app works as expected on Station Duo.

We encourage you to submit your updated APKs by Feb 23, 2021. You should enable your apps for Station Duo after the APKs are approved.

Use the documentation to update your apps for Station Duo hardware.

Known Issue

When you create Canada merchants on Sandbox, the merchants will have US Configurations (tipping and pre-auth enabled) and US app service plans.

General information

The new Platform2 class offers similar functionality to the Platform class but does so in a dynamic manner that avoids the need to recompile your app to support new Clover devices. Actions for your apps:

  • Remove checks for device type based on the deprecated Platform.isDevice() methods such as Platform.isStation() and Platform.isStation2018(). We no longer provide these methods for our newer devices.
  • Use standard Android methods to discover device features and to support different screen sizes.

For example, if a Clover device supports the system feature, FEATURE_TELEPHONY, it supports mobile data.

boolean mobileData = context.getPackageManager().hasSystemFeature(PackageManager.FEATURE_TELEPHONY);

For questions and feedback, use [email protected] ([email protected]).