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International App Market Readiness

Beyond the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada, Clover is fast expanding to new countries and markets. In this article, we discuss in this article how you can comply with policies required by these new markets as a necessary step towards building and publishing your apps in our international Clover App Markets.

Accepting Payments in Canada

Please review the following requirements:

  • Cash transaction amount considerations
    Since the discontinuation of the Canadian 1-cent coin (penny) in 2012, cash transactions are rounded up or down to the nearest 5-cent interval. For more information, see the Canada Revenue Agency article on phasing out the Canadian penny.


For card transactions, amounts are charged without rounding off.

  • Mailing address differences
    Postal codes in Canada are six digits.
  • Federal and provincial taxes
    Your app must make the following considerations for taxes in transactions:
    • Goods & Services Tax (GST): Printed receipts must show the GST registration number.
    • Tax Exemptions: Your app must allow for tax-exempt transactions.

For more information on tax rates, see the Retail Council of Canada's article on GST and HST rates.

Publishing apps in the Canadian App Market

Please review the following requirements:

  • End-user license agreement (EULA) & privacy policy updates
    The developer EULA for Clover merchants must take into account any Canadian regulations. The developer privacy policy for Clover merchants must take into account how personal information is managed in Canada based on the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).
  • Sales Recording Module (SRM) certification
    Each app in the Canadian hospitality, full-service restaurant, or quick-service restaurant sectors must be certified with Revenue Quebec’s SRM mandate.
  • Additional language support
    For Clover merchants in Quebec, Canada, every merchant and customer-facing screen and prompt must be available both in French and English.