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Clover provides its REST API at a separate base URL for each of its supported markets.

  • United States:
  • Europe:

In addition, there is a sandbox REST API for use with our Developer Kits and sandbox test merchants:

You can find a list of supported endpoints in Clover's REST API Reference. These endpoints accept query parameters in the following format:

[Endpoint URI]?field=value[,additionalValues...]&[additionalQueryStrings...]

Here are some guidelines to follow when using the Clover REST API:

  • Clover's APIs are only accessible via HTTPS
  • Request and response entities are in JSON
  • All API requests are protected by an OAuth2-derived access token (see Using OAuth 2.0 for more information)
  • GET queries made in-browser include hyperlinks to the details for each object

In the following sections, you can learn more about rules and best practices while working with the Clover REST API: