v288 release notes

Clover Android SDK

The following data model changes, new features, improvements, and bug fixes released in Clover Android SDK v288.

Data model changes

Payments API

  • Renamed EMV to CHIP in CardEntryMethod class.

New features and improvements


  • Updated /v1/Intents.java with public static final String EXTRA_USE_CONNECTED_DEVICE = "clover.intent.extra.USE_CONNECTED_DEVICE".
    Used to choose between paying on connected device and local device. The intent is set with boolean true for EXTRA_USE_CONNECTED_DEVICE if the merchant requested payment on connected device.

  • Added deleted_time and sort_order columns fields to AnomalyReasons class (clover/sdk/v3/payments/AnomalyReasons.java).

Payments API

  • Added TokenizeOptions class to PaymentRequestIntentBuilder and PreauthRequestIntentBuilder. The TokenizeOptions class contains a single property, suppressConfirmation. However, the presence of TokenizeOptions, regardless of the suppressConfirmation value, indicates that a token for the payment card used should be generated. The tokenize option is secondary to the payment; therefore, a failed tokenization could still result in a successful payment but a failed payment will not result in a successful tokenization

Quick Service Restaurant

  • Added FulfillmentEvent to the Order object to accommodate order fulfillment status.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where enum-parsing exceptions were occurring when consuming a plan payload from APIs. We updated the COS plan type to add new Payments to the android SDK types.