Level 2 data

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Understand Level 2 data

The Level 2 card data is additional information attached to a credit card transaction. It is recommended for established businesses with a requirement to process large volumes per transaction or a high number of transactions on a recurring basis.


See the following endpoints when configuring Level 2 data:

Collected data

Along with Level 1 data, such as personal consumer card transaction data, Level 2 data includes tax amount, tax indicator, tax ID, customer code, and shipping information. Different data is collected based on whether the card is American Express®, Mastercard®, and Visa®. You can add default values for Level 2 data when you set up purchasing card payments on the Web Dashboard. This data is auto-populated during the transaction.

Issuer requirements

Each issuing credit card company provides specific qualifying requirements. The credit card company accepts the enhanced Level 2 payment data only when the business meets the requirements.

Level 2 data requirements

The following fields are part of the Level 2 data requirements:

tax_amountint64Part of the transaction amount that indicates the sales tax. A pc_order_number is required when including a tax_amount.
tax_indicatorintegerTaxable status of the transaction.
0 – No tax information provided
1 – Tax amount is provided
2 – Purchase item is tax exempt or non-taxable
purchase_identifierstringIdentifier, such as stock keeping unit (SKU), code or reference number that the merchant or customer uses to identify the purchase.
pc_order_numberstringOrder number or customer reference number reported as part of the purchase card data.
discount_amountint64Discount amount for the transaction.
Format: Cents
freight_amountint64Freight amount included for the transaction.
Format: Cents
duty_amountint64Duty amount included for the transaction.
Format: Cents
destination_postal_codestringPostal or ZIP code of the delivery location.
shipping_from_postal_codestringPostal or ZIP code of the shipping location.
destination_country_codeintegerDelivery location country code.
Format: 3-digit code; see the Country code reference for a list of valid values.
merchant_tax_idstringOnly for Mastercard. Identifier (ID) for the tax collected by the merchant for the transaction.
product_descriptionstringDescription of the purchased item.

Credit card breakdown

The following table provides the parameters to use for a specific credit card.

Card issuerGeneral information
American Express- product_description - discount_amount
Mastercard and Visa- tax_amount - discount_amount