Issuing a credit

If a merchant needs to refund a customer without tracking the refund against an existing payment, the /v1/credits endpoint method should be used. This type of transaction is also referred to as a manual or naked refund. Credits can be for any amount, and the request must include an Idempotency-Key to maintain a record of the credit between the POS and the Clover system. See Tracking transactions with idempotency keys for more information.


  • The POS is connected to the device using a network or cloud connection
  • The Clover device is in an idle state (that is, no payment is being taken)


  1. Construct a request with the required data (the amount of the credit in cents).
  "amount": 2450
  1. Send a POST request to the /v1/credits endpoint. Be sure to include the required headers for the request you are making.

The credit is processed for the requested amount. After the credit is complete, a success message is returned.

  1. (Optional) To print a credit receipt, send a POST request to the /v1/credits/{creditId}/receipt endpoint.
  2. To return to the welcome screen, send a POST request to the /v1/device/welcome endpoint.

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