Announcing a beta test for Clover REST Pay

Clover is looking for existing Clover integrators/developers to participate in our Clover REST Pay beta test.

What is Clover REST Pay?

Clover REST Pay works in concert with a new, simplified API for taking card-present payments on the Clover Mini device. You can connect using the cloud or directly to the device.


Connect using the cloud


Connect directly to the device

Who is Clover REST Pay for?

Clover REST Pay is ideal for integrators who focus on payment/charge transactions and who want to do transactions in a single synchronous call. Integrating with Clover REST Pay is quick and easy. This means your apps could be up and running quicker.

Beta participation

The beta will begin in early May and will run for approximately three weeks.

If you would like to participate in the Clover REST Pay beta, click the link below to complete our candidate survey. We’ll reach out to you soon!

Clover REST Pay beta participation survey

Warm regards,
Clover Developer Relations