Announcing a new channel partner in the UK!

In the past few months, we've been working hard to develop a UK payment channel with reseller Tyl by NatWest. Tyl is expected to launch in Clover App Market on June 30, 2020. Your payments will be funded in UK GBP and foreign exchange and fees may be assessed by your bank. Your statements continue to be generated mid-month.

Changes to Refunds

You can no longer cancel charges from the Developer Dashboard. You can instead use the Refund button to initiate a refund for your merchants. When you initiate a refund, a new charge associated with the parent charge is created. Clover uses this new Refund charge to track your refund all the way to fulfillment.


If you provide paid apps to Tyl merchants in the UK, you will see separate deposits, dashboard updates, and confirmation emails. You will receive disbursement confirmation emails and also failed disbursement emails.

See our documentation to learn more about the new charge statuses and the billing lifecycle.

Questions? Comments? Shoot us an email at [email protected].