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At Clover, we design and build low-cost and highly functional Android-based point-of-sale (POS) systems for small or medium-sized businesses (SMB). Clover merchants use our suite of apps for different business functions.

Clover is an open platform allowing third-party developers to build apps and integrate external POS systems with Clover devices.


Interested in integrating with a Clover device? Email us at [email protected].

Integration types

Build Android apps that run on Clover devices.

Your apps can leverage rich business data and Clover device hardware capabilities.

Learn Android basics
Explore the SDK

Build web apps on the Clover platform.

Make authorized Clover REST API calls and help merchants manage their business better.

Learn Web App basics
Explore the API

Build apps that integrate with Ecommerce services.

Tailor your apps to the many needs of merchants.

Learn Ecomm basics
Explore the API

Process payments from your Android app on a variety of Clover device configurations (without needing to be device-aware).

Learn to use the Android Payments API

Payment interfaces for semi-integration

Depending on the combination of merchant- and customer-facing devices you require, Clover offers different payment interfaces.

This java-based API has all the Clover features needed for your app to make a sale, issue a refund, and perform other payment functions.

Use this API to build a point-of-sale directly on a Clover device.

Enables external POS systems to access the same payment functions as PaymentConnector
— plus additional features.

SDKs are available for these platforms:
Android | iOS | Javascript | .NET

Quickly build a bridge between your point-of-sale (POS) system and a Clover Flex or Clover Mini.

  • Any POS application capable of making HTTP requests can use REST Pay to take card-present payments.
  • A merchant can take any type of standard card-present payments after your POS app is integrated with REST Pay.
  • Developers familiar with the Ecommerce API can quickly add an in-person payment option to their app.

Apps running on Clover devices use this intent-based API for executing payment transaction requests.

The Android intents are built using 'Intent Builders' and support payment operations including payments, preauthorizations, and payment reversals (void/refund).

NOTE: The Android Payments API is intended to eventually replace 'PaymentConnector', as it provides more capabilities and support for additional configurations.