Set up the SDK

United States

Install the SDK

Use a package manager to download and install the SDK you want to use.

pip install ecommClover
yarn add clover-ecomm-sdk

Configure the SDK

To use the SDK, you'll need to configure it using the following values:

  • Your test merchant's access_token retrieved from the OAuth flow or by configuring your app to return the token directly for testing
  • Your test merchant's public key (obtained using the pakms/apikey endpoint)
    The access_token is needed to initialize the SDK.
clover.access_token = "Bkk321..."
const clover = require('clover-ecomm-sdk')('Bkk312...');

The merchant's public key is required to tokenize the customer's card data.

clover.api_key = "fhjk1..."
const API_KEY = 'fhjk1...';

Set environment variables in Node

If your app is using the Node SDK, create a .env file in your project root directory.




For your app in production environments, set the ENVIRONMENT as production.