Order a Dev Kit in the United States

United States

Clover can directly ship Developer Kits (Dev Kits) only to United States (US) addresses. Developers outside the US must use a package or freight-forwarding service to ship Dev Kits to their non-US addresses. See Receive a Dev Kit outside the United States.

Order a Dev Kit in the United States

  1. Do one of the following:
  • Log in to the Developer Dashboard and from the left navigation menu, click Dev Kits. On the Dev Kits page, click Get a Developer Kit. The Clover Developer Kits page appears.
  • Go directly to Clover Developer Kits.
  1. Click a Dev Kit to view the details.
  2. Click Add to cart. You can add and checkout more than one Clover Dev Kit.
  3. Review your cart and click Check out.
  4. Enter contact information and a US shipping address in the shipping details.
  5. Complete the payment, verify your email address, submit your order, and make a note of the order number from Clover for reference and tracking.

Know your Dev Kit

Once you have placed your order and received your Dev Kit, use the accompanying guide to familiarize yourself with the hardware. The guides for all Clover devices and Dev Kits are also available on Clover Help: Set up your Clover device. You can then associate your Dev Kit with a test merchant account in the sandbox environment through the Developer Dashboard.

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