Clover Android ROM first quarter 2024 updates

Clover updates the Clover Android ROM (operating system) on Clover devices each quarter. ROM updates contain essential bug fixes, security updates, and necessary feature additions.

First quarter Clover Android ROM updates schedule

Clover releases the Android ROM updates first to the sandbox environment, then to merchants in the production environment.

SandboxSecond week of January 2024
ProductionFourth week of January, lasting for several weeks according to the Clover release schedule

Recommendation for developers

The ROM updates do not change the Android version or API level, so you do not need to change your app. However, Clover recommends that you test your apps with the new Android ROM in the sandbox environment before we release the ROM to merchants in the production environment.

Hotfixes and major releases

Clover may release occasional urgent hotfixes. We notify developers of any major releases that involve an Android API-level change.


Contact Clover developer support if you find issues related to the ROM update during your testing.