Retrieve funding information (beta)

United States

The Funding API can be used to retrieve information regarding a merchant’s Fiserv card processing, including the amount submitted, fees, adjustments, chargebacks, reversals, interchange charges, processing service charges, amount paid by other card processors, and the total amount transferred to their bank account.

The Funding API supports requests for a specific merchant, returning all available funding data, for a specific date, or a breakdown of volume by card type.

Funding API Overview

There are three funding endpoints:

  1. deposits returns all available funded deposit information for a given merchant.
  2. dateFunded returns the available deposit information for a specific date.
  3. card_type returns a report of the amount funded by credit card type (VISA, MC, DISC, AMEX).

API Reference



Currently, the Funding API is not available in Clover’s Sandbox environment. Please prepare your application to handle the JSON responses as described in the API Reference.

For Production, merchants must have this service enabled on their merchant account to allow developers to access Funding API data.

If interested in enabling this capability for your integration, please contact [email protected].