Create a charge in five minutes


  • Clover sandbox app created
  • PAKMS key generated

Perform the following steps to create a charge:

  1. Create a sandbox app.
  2. Create a web app with the correct permissions.
  3. Install the test app on your test merchant.
  4. Obtain an OAuth token. If you do not have a server set-up yet, you can use the query parameters in the redirect (plus your app secret) to obtain a token.
  5. With the OAuth token (access token), make a GET /pakms/apikey request to obtain your PAKMS.
  6. Use the Clover iframe and the PAKMS key you obtained in step 5 to get a card token.
  7. Create a charge request with the card token you obtained in step 6.



For each payment, a new card token needs to be generated.

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