Alipay transactions

Alipay is supported on all Clover devices in the United States, except Clover Go and the FD40 PIN pad. For production accounts, Clover can configure the merchant account to accept Alipay during the merchant boarding process, or Alipay can be enabled by Clover Customer Support for some existing merchant accounts. The merchant’s devices will then display the corresponding options on the payment screen.



Only some US merchant accounts can be configured to accept Alipay. Before adding Alipay to your application, verify with Clover developer support that the merchants using your app can take Alipay.

Payment flow with Alipay

On the payment start screen, the logo appears in a tappable button.


Start screen with Alipay icon

When the customer taps the button, the device’s camera is activated, and a screen appears instructing the customer to show their QR code for scanning. After scanning, the customer may be required to confirm the transaction by entering a password on their phone. If the password is correct, the transaction is then completed.

Clover is not part of the settlement process, so merchants should not expect funding from Alipay transactions to appear at the same time as normal card payments.

Taking Alipay payments with a Remote Pay SDK

The request methods used to start a transaction do not need to change to take an Alipay payment.

Taking Alipay payments with the Payment Connector SDK

The request methods used to start a transaction do not need to change to take an Alipay payment.

Alipay transaction responses

An Alipay transaction response is different from the response given from a normal card transaction. The AliPayTransId provides a unique ID value for the transaction.

            "AliPayTransactionTime":"2019-02-07 17:31:27.000",

Testing Alipay payments on the Clover sandbox

Create an Alipay test account



The following steps are provided for developer convenience. The Alipay test systems, accounts, and applications are not Clover products, and Clover DevRel does not provide support for these tools.

Before you can test Alipay on sandbox, you’ll need to create an Alipay merchant account by completing the form at Once you’ve created your account, do the following:

  1. Log on to your account at the Sandbox portal login page.
  2. Enter a test merchant name and email address where notifications can be sent.
  3. From the sidebar menu, select Global Products > Alipay Sandbox App.
  4. Click Download.
  5. On the page that appears, click 立即下载.
    An APK named similarly to wallet_101521226_client_release_201812261416 is downloaded.
  6. Install the APK to an Android device.
  7. On the device, launch the Alipay test app.
  8. Enter the test account credentials.
  9. Tap Pay.
    The test QR code for payment appears on the screen.

Setting up your Clover test merchant for Alipay

To test transactions in the sandbox environment, email [email protected] and provide the following information:

  • Your US test merchant UUID and name
  • The type of payments you want to test

A developer relations engineer will make the needed changes to your test merchant account. Once the changes are applied, you can begin testing Alipay payments on your Dev Kit.

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