Launch Overview

Join Clover’s Developer Program

  • Sign up to be a Clover developer at and join our DevAsk developer forums.
  • If you are a corporation, be sure to select A company account and enter a valid Tax ID/EIN
  • All developers must enter a valid residential address for identity verification, no P.O. Boxes
  • To minimize delays, be sure all information is complete and accurate
  • Developer account approval typically takes between 5 and 7 business days, assuming all the information is correct

Setup Billing Information

  • Once your Clover Developer Account has been approved, login to your account and click on the Info tab
  • Enter your bank routing number and account number

Submit Legal Documents


Please ensure your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are NOT generic versions. Generic versions of such legal disclaimers commonly reference that an app is for personal use on a single device, and other billing language that does not apply to Clover.

  • Review the App Agreement Guidelines for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:
  • Send your User Terms, and Privacy Policy to for review
  • Be sure to upload links to your final, approved Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at the bottom of Edit App in your Clover Developer Account

App Demo

  • Before you submit your app for review, schedule some time with us to give us a quick tour of your app by emailing
  • Your app should be polished and functional as you demo the merchant experience as closely as possible
  • Expect initial feedback and guidance as needed, not pre-approval

App One-Pager

Help Resource

  • Create a Help/Support page hosted on your site (FAQs and implementation/use of your app), which will also be linked on
  • Be sure to include this link in the Support Website on the Edit App page


We ask for the App One-Pager and support resources to be formatted to a template, so that there is consistency for merchants/Sales Reps when they look for marketing and support materials. You are welcome to create additional materials beyond the app one-pager and support landing page.